Jack Harich New Paradigm Engineering

Jack Harich (Also general contacts) - Systems Engineer
1164 DeLeon Court
Clarkston, GA 30021 US

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Monterrat KoloffonApplied Research and Collaboration

Montserrat Koloffon

Currently interning in Atlanta with Thwink.

Twitter: @montsekoloffon

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More on my research: See discussion on the Raise Political Truth Literacy Project on the forum. My research also focuses on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how to analytically achieve them, as opposed to the intuitive approaches taken today. Work on analysis, experimentation, and academic publishing of research results is ongoing.

Scott BooherCandle Conceptualizer

Scott Booher - Cognitive Scientist
4674 Toland Way
Los Angeles, CA 90041

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Philip BangerterCommon Property Rights

Philip Bangerter

Australian Centre for Sustainable Business & Development
University of Southern Queensland
Springfield, Qld, 4300

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