The Truth or Deception Video

This site is dedicated to helping to solve the sustainability problem. However it appears that to solve that problem, we must first solve another problem: a broken political system. It's broken because it is no longer working for the common good of all. Instead, it's working for the uncommon good of special interests. While this problem is universal, it has grown acute in the United States, especially during the last eight years.

If you have noticed this trend, then the video below is for you. It's all about how to solve the broken political system problem.

To the right is a fragment of a one page brochure PDF on the Truth Test. This is the quickest introduction to the concept, which is the core of the video below.

Truth or Deception: Are You Fool Proof?

Above is a 2008 video introducing the Truth or Deception pamphlet. The November 4, 2008 election in the United States was so critical that prepared this video and pamphlet to help voters see the truth, not just in this election and country, but in any election and country. The problem of political deception is universal. So is the solution.

After you've watched the video you can can read this one page brochure about the Truth Test. If you'd like to read the pamphlet, you can read the first few pages here, and then go to to read the rest. Or you can read it here.

The great crisis of the 21st century is the global environmental sustainability problem. The pamphlet is a small first step toward solving the sustainability problem by first solving another problem: the dominance of too many political systems by powerful special interests. After that problem is solved, politicians will seek to optimize the common good of all, rather than the uncommon good of the few.

At the top of their list of problems to solve will be the sustainability problem because if it's not solved, aggressively and proactively, then eventually no other problem will matter because our species will have destroyed its own ecological niche.