The Analytical Activists of Atlanta


NOTE - This project is complete. It was an experiment in 2017 to see how productive a Meetup group would be to get activists to adopt an analytical approch.


General Plan - More on this below. (6 pages)

Training Plan - More on this below. (12 pages)

The Master Speaks - Extra training material about Jay Forrester, with some incredible ideas. (8 pages)

Solving Local Problems - Once enough of us are trained, this is what we will do. This approach will evolve. (3 pages)


The Atlanta Analytical Activists is a project oriented Meetup group.

Our goal is to replace Classic Activism with Analytical Activism, in order to allow activists to solve the incredibly difficult and urgent problems facing humanity, such as climate change, war, and the rise of hate-based authoritarians like Vladimer Putin and Donald Trump.

Our strategy for achieving this rather ambitious goal is to evaluate, improve, and promote the right tools to established activist organizations. Once enough begin using the right tools, our job is done.

For information on meetings see the Meetup Site.

Our discussion forum is here.

What We're All About

Welcome to a whole new type of activism!

If you are tired of making little or no progress on large-scale systemic common good problems like climate change, corruption, discrimination, or economic inequality, and you think it’s possible to take an analytical approach instead of the grassroots activism approach that currently prevails, then this is the Meetup group for you.

Analytical Activism is the use of analysis instead of intuition and trial and error to solve difficult activist problems, whether they be environmental, economic, social, or political. The core strategy is to take a businesslike engineering approach and apply business tools to social problems, using tools such as root cause analysis, social force diagrams, feedback loop modeling, and a problem solving process that fits the problem. While such tools may sound complex, they are not. An example of one of these tools, Social Force Diagrams, is shown below.

Authoritarian Ruler Problem

We've got some challenging activist problems ahead of us, especially since the rise of authoritarian populists, not just in the United States but all around the world. However, this group is non-partisan. We are working to analytically improve the common good of all.  Check your party or candidate ideology at the door.

Discussion will initially be led by Jack Harich, systems engineer at

We are just getting started.

General Plan

We have a General Plan for getting started. Please read it before your first meeting. If you have comments or suggestions, give us a shout!

Here's a summary of the General Plan:

Democracy is in crisis. We are thus taking a serious approach by treating this not as your typical Meetup group, but as a business project.

Our project goal is to replace Classic Activism with Analytical Activism.

We have a unique perspective on why democracy is in crisis and unable to solve critical social problems. It's because solutions are not designed to resolve root causes. In that answer lies our perspective and our contribution.

Our core strategy is to take an engineering approach and apply business tools to social problems, such as root cause analysis, social force diagrams, feedback loop modeling, and a problem-solving process that fits the problem.

We can implement that strategy by testing, improving, and promoting the right tools. That's where you can plug in.

It appears that our most critical need is to find small local problems to test our central hypothesis, that the right tools will allow activism to solve the unsolved problems.

Training Plan

We have a Training Plan for those activists who are seriously interested in learning the tools of Analytical Activism.

The plan suggests you read the introduction and first two chapters of The Thinker's Toolkit. I have ordered a few copies. Until you get one, you can read this partial online copy.