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Diagram of top three tools The goal of is to help solve the global environmental sustainability problem using the most efficient and effective methods available. This is a difficult complex system social problem. Problems in this class are so tough to solve they require an integrated set of powerful tools. The top three tools are shown.

These three tools were selected and refined over a seven year period of iterative analysis. They're not the last word on the subject, but they should serve as a comparatively mature starting point for your own efforts. After you've used them for awhile they are certain to evolve.

The three tools are introduced at a high level in the glossary. Click on the image to get to each tool. You can also click on A Difficult Social Problem.

The three tools are part of a larger set of nine tools. These are expressed as The Key Principles of Analytical Activism. How the nine tools work together is briefly described in this short seven page chapter PDF on The Principles of Analytical Activism from Common Property Rights: A Process Driven Approach to Solving the Complete Sustainability Problem. Below is the diagram from that chapter. Each principle is a oval. They work together to solve a Difficult Complex System Social Problem.

Key Principles of Analytical Activism

This is advanced problem solving. It's light years ahead of how environmentalists are approaching solving the sustainability problem now. But once the environmental movement adopts an approach something like this, in twenty years the diagram above will be light years behind what environmentalists are doing, because it's only a first iteration.

Good luck with the tools!