Montserrat Koloffon's Bio

Montserrat Koloffon PhotoRole: Applied research and collaboration.

Nationality: Mexico, but speak fluent Spanish, German, and English. Attended a 12 year German school in Guadalajara, Mexico. Acquired a BS in Political Science from University of Mannheim in Germany and have studied in several other countries, so I'm a bit of an internationalist. I see myself as a world citizen.

My Story and Vision

My story begins in Mexico, where I was born and raised, and also where I was lucky to attend the German School during my entire school years. In that context, I was exposed to two things that became very relevant for the career path I’ve followed; first, having a bi-cultural education since I was a child is probably the earliest source of my interest on international cooperation, and second, growing up in Mexico I became very aware of the huge inequalities and social imbalances, which became my first direct contact with the largest and most difficult unsolved problems of humanity.

At some point during high school, based on knowledge I had acquired about the United Nations, I decided that I wanted to study international relations and build a diplomatic career to be able to set the course of the global agenda together with other State leaders from all around the globe. Even though by then I was already aware of some of the structural challenges the UN faced, I was still convinced that the sphere of international cooperation and negotiation was the best path for me to have a positive impact in the world.

Following that plan, I went to Germany to study political science at the University of Mannheim. During that time, I was fortunate to attend a Summer School at the UN in Bonn, where we learned about how the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were being adapted into a post-2015 development agenda, what later became the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It was an insightful event, where we engaged directly with the people involved in the process, but for some reason, something wasn’t clicking for me.

After that a couple other relevant things happened: first, I finished my BA degree, writing a thesis that let me understand much more in depth the flaws of the UN. Then, after graduating, I focused for a while on classic activism work, launching a student’s initiative for environmental sustainability back in Mexico. There, I noticed that the scale of that impact we were having locally was way too insignificant to solve the problem as a whole. Finally, I attended yet another UN event, this time at the New York headquarters, where it became clear to me how the SDGs had become just a second version of the MDGs, which unfortunately meant one thing: same approach, same failure.

It became very clear to me that my new mission was to find a new type of solution. Not just a new solution, but a new operating paradigm from where to come up with solutions. I found that at, where I finally saw all the most important unsolved problems of humanity coherently approached in a holistic manner, and suggestions for solutions based on Root Cause Analysis.

Now that I’ve found a new paradigm that can work, the next mission is to prove that it does work to the world with some innovative research. If everything works as planned, then by doing so we may end up saving it too!