The Political Persuasion Knowledge Base

NOTE - This project has been replaced by the Politician Truth Ratings Project.

Thwink has begun exploratory research in a new area by developing a new tool. It implements the Politician Truth Ratings solution element by pushing on the high leverage point of raising general ability to detect political deception, as described in this chapter.

Below are several images showing the tool in use. The tool is the Political Persuasion Knowledge Base, developed using Apple's FileMaker Pro. The tool is freely available for use in analysis of arguments of any kind. Here is the Introduction to the PPKB documentation. We are currently developing a second generation of the PPKB that will be multi-user, online, with improved argument diagramming. Here's the General Plan for Pushing on the HLP and a related diagram. Please contact us for further information.

Introduction to the PPKB Introduction to the PPKB Introduction to the PPKB


Here is the Survey Design.