List of the Dueling Loops Videos

These videos are the visual version of the Dueling Loops paper. They cover the Dueling Loops model, how it works, and what it implies. Start with the first one.

The rest of the series

The rest of this series was originally planned to include the following additional videos. However, this additional work has been replaced by The Progressive Paradox film.

13. The Race to the Top, added from scratch
14. Classic Activism as the Main Traditional Way to Push on the Truth Node

Part Four: The Key Insights of the DL Structure
15. The Inherent Advantage of the Race to the Bottom, added
16. Due to this inherent advantage, the RTB is easily exploited, w examples
17. The current exploiter is the New Dominant Life Form
18. The High Leverage Point of Ability to Detect Pol. Deception, added
19. The Cyclic Nature of the Dueling Loops, don’t show add, just graphs

20. Summary and Conclusions (ideas listed, not separate videos)
   - List assumptions for basic shape.
   - If true, then all the insights are probably true.
   - List insights, possibly with memorable thumbnail for each
   - End with: Does the DL structure exist?
   - If so, how can we best push on the HLP?