You Have Made a Difference

Philip Bangerter - The man who made it all happen over the years, by continually probing in the right directions.

Chuck Brands - Trying to "mashup" Thwink ideas with others, like collaborative modeling and visualization.

Michael Collins - For his early work on a program similar to Common Property Rights (CPR).

JC Dollar - For continual encouragement every Christmas and work on CPR Project initialization.

Gordon Draves - An outstanding role model of long term "get in there and do it" local activism, plus help.


Don Dressel - For teaching that you can't push a string.

Rhonda and Scott Durlacher - For countless hours of discussions on all this and more, with great expertise.

Steve Gale - Early believer, good at kicking the tires.

Joerg Geier - For enthusiastic assistance in preparing an assessment of the Club of Rome's process maturity.

Robert Gowans - Creator of in Sweden, an early replication of the Truth Test solution element.


Lyndyl Greer - Grand champion of giving CPR a solid property law foundation, plus subtle guidance.

Martha Harich - The very first believer and supporter, without which Thwink would have never happened.

Mike Hutchins - The perfect sounding board and source of encouragement.

Rick Krause - Instigator with Curt Smith of the first tangible project based on the Thwink method of problem solving.

Kathy and Jim McLaughlin - "We’ve got to figure out a way to make them work for the system instead of against it."


Andrew Murphy - Intrepid discoverer of Thwink for Hatch, posed a lot of thoughtful questions early on.

Murv Sears - Sponsor of Jack for membership in the US Club of Rome, general wise encouragement.

Curt Smith - A source of inspiration for committing to start Thwink, first to ask "How can we implement these ideas?"

Joe Starinchak - An enthusiastic early supporter and promoter of these subversive ideas.

Tommy Topmiller - The perpetual skeptic, not of Thwink but of the status quo and Thwink's role in changing that.


Steve Wehrenberg - His crucial review of the first draft led to huge changes that led to Thwink's first published paper.

Wilma and George Turner - Countless hours of help on manuscripts, ideas, and more over the years.