Welcome to Jack Harich's personal page

Here's our latest Christmas card

Hi there. I'm pretty much a Jack of all trades, changing careers every 5 or 10 years to keep from getting too much moss under my feet and neo cortex. You can see the telltale footprints of my evolution at these links:

1. My current life as a dedicated sustainologist since 2001, working on helping to solve the global environmental sustainability problem. Solving this problem is rather important to the very survival of Homo sapiens.

2. My former life as a Software Artist for 6 years, consulting on process, productivity, arcane techniques, and occasionally some real coding. Solving problems is enjoyable and sharpens the mind.

3. My former, former life as a Furniture Artist for 8 years. There are also some photos of The Tower, one of my life projects. Creativity is perhaps the raw essence of problem solving, the will-o'-the-wisp that must be caught so that one knows what he or she was reaching for. Here is a map to the Tower.

4. Before that the long road of life found me dabbling in computers for 3 years, small business consulting for 6 years, running Jumping Jack Flash and Diversitech for 6 years, and simultaneously taking a leisurely 13 years to get my bachelor's in Industrial Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech. But such wonderful times must remain a universal mystery of imponderable depth, because no web pages exist for them.

5. For the curious, here are some Harich Family photos. I was fortunate enough to grow up on a 200 acre farm in Southern Maryland, with three brothers, and for a year, a foreign exchange student from Germany.

6. After an 11 year courtship, Jack and Martha recited these Wedding Vows which we wrote ourselves. We were alone on The Island on the Tallapossa River, Alabama, on the sweetest day of the year, February 14, 1992. My cousin (who among other things is a minister) and his wife were on the bank. We performed the ceremony at dawn. It was foggy and often we couldn't see each other. But his voices and ours rang out and pierced that fog (and our hearts) with our own vows, followed by the legal ones. Afterward, two were one. Here's a printable version of The Island and the Wedding Vows.

7. Here are some photos of a 2004 trip to Lithuania.

8. Here is the Comparative Pain Scale, developed in 2002 when my own Pudendal Nerve Entrapment (PNE) was a bit of a pain. This is the original version of the page. Not a single character has been changed. Most of the links are now broken.

See you on the road,