New Video - How Structured Argument Analysis Works

Jack Harich

Staff member
Good news. I've just completed another video, for use in our Kickstarter campaign for The Politician Truth Ratings Project. Go to that page and scroll down. It's the second video (How Structured Argument Analysis Works) and runs 22 minutes. Watch it in full screen mode with good speakers or headphones.

The first video will be near the top of our Kickstarter campaign page. It introduces the project.

The second video will be further down. It's a much more detailed description of the new technology we are developing, how it works, and why it's so crucial. If the video tells its story well it should generate high interest, and viewers will really want to support the project, by pledging a donation and/or telling others about the project.

By the way, I will be revising the first video to use the new article markup style used in the second video. I will also incorporate people's suggestions, especially the need for the narrator to read or paraphrase text on the screen instead of asking the viewer to do that.

If you can, post your feedback on the second video in this thread. Thanks!